About Us

We don't just care about decor, we care about making a lasting impression.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to pursue excellence in the spirit of the craftsmanship of a bygone era. We seek to raise the bar by offering superb workmanship, a wide selection of customizable options, top-notch customer service and to making memorable more magical. Our promise is to give our best to each and every project we design and create for you, to respect our environment by sustainably sourcing materials as much as possible and to remain proudly made in the U.S.A

About Us

 John Spiteri| Artist and Co-Owner

Designing and building beautiful, yet functional decor and architectural structures for people who value artistic old-world quality is what it’s all about for John. When you’re born on an ancient rock in the middle of the Mediterranean it’s almost impossible to not inherit the love of architecture. Exposed at an early age to Malta’s rich ancient artistic history by his Mom who had a deep love for well-designed spaces and an unorthodox approach to home design, John could always be seen with a pencil and sketch pad. John has always loved working with materials from his days at the High School of Art and Design to his time at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. After spending 15 years in Graphic Design, while designing and building decor for his own home, he opened The Farm Mechanic to offer his unconventional approach to designing decor and architectural structures as an unparalleled alternative to what’s on the market today. When he’s not working, he can be caught getting his nerd on watching Marvel, Sci-Fi and the History Channel.

 Leigh Spiteri | Business Operations and Co-Owner

Leigh believes in making a difference in people’s lives. She takes her responsibilities personally; consistently going above and beyond, doing everything she can to accomplish the goals of her clients. The beauty and complexity of the human soul has always captivated her and is why she sees the harmony that can be created by helping people achieve creating their own beautiful space and making memorable moments more magical . Growing up in Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi country, the love for the U.S.A. and of the American Dream was ingrained at a really early age. For longer than she remembers, Leigh always had the entrepreneurial bug - breathing life into an idea and watching it become a reality is energizing. When she’s not working, Leigh can be found reading with their daughter, Charlie Rose, catching her favorite narrated movies from Forrest Gump to Goodfellas, or listening to music that tells stories of the human condition from the Dave Matthews Band to Bob Dylan.


Our Story

John needed to find "a home" for all of Leigh's stuff – clothing, shoes, hats and books – lots and lots of books. They began their search to find furniture that would store everything in an organized fashion, while representing their personal design tastes AND that was built to last. When they came up short, John did what everyone else does – he converted the kitchen of their third floor walk-up into his carpentry workshop. You read right, carpentry workshop and back to kitchen all in the same day (after day, after day). The name of their company, The Farm Mechanic, represents John’s love of both organic and inorganic materials, their love of products that tell a story while adding beauty and function, as well as their obsessive need for quality. Their approach to designing each product is a lot like putting together a puzzle. Each piece is designed to meet a specific need. Their hope is to transform the complexion of environments with their architectural structures and decor leaving you enchanted and completely awe inspired.