About Us


The design sense of The Farm Mechanic is deeply rooted in a beautiful fusion of Malta's rich heritage of design and maritime passion, combined with the influences of Japanese architecture and the iconic style of Frank Lloyd Wright. Our unique blend creates a truly captivating aesthetic that seamlessly combines elegance, practicality, minimalism and a touch of modern organic design.

At The Farm Mechanic, we specialize in creating sustainable luxury furniture. Our team has been dedicated to crafting innovative furniture, home accents and outdoor structures for over 10 years. We take pride in sourcing the finest materials from around the world to bring our clients’ dream pieces to life. 

Our designs address multiple layers of the human experience, with a focus that goes well beyond what things look like, but to how they make you feel. We’re always focused on what’s next, continually designing the innovative, as we strive to conceive the memorable experiences of tomorrow. Our passion is for doing better than what has been done before and designing the world we want to live in.

Designed in the USAAll furniture and outdoor structures are designed and finished in NJ.  The Farm Mechanic is a garage-started company that began 7 years ago and is rapidly expanding.
Solid Hardwood, No VeneersBuilt with sustainably sourced,kiln-dried solid acacia wood. Acacia wood is dense and resistant to pests and moisture, making it an ideal material for outdoor furniture. You can leave it outside and not worry about rot, fungus, or bugs.
Fully CustomizableReach out to our team to customize the configuration to suit your specific needs and space.
Durable FinishTo ensure long-lasting protection against the elements, each piece is finished with a marine-grade varnish for superior durability and extra protection to moisture and UV rays.
ShippingDirect from our shop in NJ to your home or business.
Easy to AssembleBuilt in minutes with no hardware or tools.
Sustainable MaterialsAll lumber used in our products is responsibly and sustainably harvested.
Smaller Carbon Footprint– Made from one material, with no hardware means less packing materials, no rusting, or replacement parts needed.
Skip the Landfill While the market is flooded with throw-away products, The Farm Mechanic furniture and outdoor structures are made from solid acacia wood and are designed to last a lifetime.
Easy to Clean  – Our products are built from solid acacia wood and are designed to be durable and livable. Stained furniture and structures are sealed with an outdoor marine grade varnish, providing an extra layer of protection from the sun and humidity. If you choose a paint color, your product will be painted with the highest quality outdoor paint.

For daily care, we recommend cleaning with mild soap and water. Avoid abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals.
Please email us with any questions about care. 

To learn more: www.thefarmmechanic.com/the-art-of-special-effects/