Endless Possibilities | The Farm Mechanic

by Leigh Spiteri | Co- Owner, The Farm Mechanic

In our shop, we have a variety of products available for purchase. With our existing product line, you get to select the finish to match your space. But did you know, each product is 100% customizable to suit your needs and tastes? The possibilities are literally endless.

Take for instance our Outdoor Bar, we offer three finishes as standard choices and the upgraded option includes a bunch of add-ons including a 42” TV and your choice of branding – whether it’s your favorite football or baseball team or anything else that you feel passionate about.

We have clients who come to us looking for something really unique that no one else has. Our approach to accommodate these one-of-kind products is to apply our design philosophy of mixing mediums. Whatever your passion is, even if you’re on the Empire’s side, we can hook you up! To give you an idea of variations on table designs, check out the images of below. 

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