Filet Mignon, Chicken Nuggets and Lean Cuisine

by Leigh Spiteri | Co- Owner, The Farm Mechanic

As I mindlessly scrolled through Facebook last weekend, I came across the above image which stopped me in my tracks. While it could be true for so many industries, in my head I swapped out hair salon with custom designed and handcrafted furniture/outside structures. It got me thinking, why do people place such little regard on high quality services and products? Do we realize the true cost of an inexpensive service or product?

Let’s review the example in the image. A client walks into a hair salon wanting a service that is, by industry standard, a higher-end service which equals a higher price tag. The client doesn’t want to pay the stated price and wants the service rendered in a shorter timeframe than required to achieve the desired result.

What happens?
The client shops around for a cheaper price and shorter timeframe - not taking into account the quality of the service. Odds are when the client goes with the cheaper and faster choice, the client isn’t happy. We’ve all either experienced this firsthand or have heard this sort of scenario before. The client now has two choices, either pay to have it properly fixed (spending more money) OR live unhappily with it until it grows out. Either way, the client is left disappointed and out more money.

The same goes for what we do at The Farm Mechanic. We speak with clients all the time who have found us after years of looking for what they wanted and never finding it because it didn’t check off all the boxes OR after experiencing a similar situation as the hair salon client – they’ve purchased furniture, decor and/or outdoor structures based on price and quick delivery (think big box online retailers). They’ve gone on to hate their purchase(s) and either lived with it miserably OR repurchased something similar only to not be happy with the new one as well. Either way, the end result is the same – overspending and complete dissatisfaction.

What do you think? Would you rather pay once, albeit a high price for something you want, that is quality and will bring you years of happiness or would you rather buy the same product over and over and never end up really being satisfied?

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