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Don’t see the Q or A you’re looking for? No worries. Send us an email info@thefarmmechanic.com and we will work with you to get all of your questions answered -except what was the best thing before sliced bread? – that still has us stumped.

1. What is the size of the shadow box in this listing?
The dimensions in each listing indicate the interior display area (inside of the box). Think picture frames. Your photo is 8” x 10”, the surrounding frame has larger dimensions.

2. So what are the exterior dimensions?
Since our wood is approximately ¾”thick, you can add around 1.5” to the interior dimensions to determine exterior dimensions. (i.e.: 14” x 17” x 2” will have an exterior (approx.. 15.5”x18.5”x3.5”)

3. How do I figure out what size shadow box I need?
We always suggest laying out your item(s) in the manner you plan to display including any border space surrounding the item(s) and take the measurements (width, height and depth). Viola!

4. How does that glass lid attach?
The glass lid attaches with super strong hidden magnets for fuss-free opening and closing.

5. Is there hanging hardware?
Yes, we install sawtooth hangers on the back all of our “hang-able ” products.

6. Can I pin to the back of the shadow box?
Yes, all of our shadow boxes include an interior pin-able wooden backing.

7. Can I add a slot or hole to the top of the shadow box?
Absolutely. We have a $10.00 charge for either. Please just send us an email prior to purchase.

8. Can I customize one of your products?
We can accommodate custom sizing - working in 1/2" increments.

9. What kind of wood do you use?
We use sustainably sourced pine wood throughout our entire product line.

10. Do you have UV-protected glass options for your shadow boxes and/or picture frames?
Yes, we offer UV-Filter Glass, UV-Protected Plexiglass, or Museum Conservation Glass at an additional cost. Please contact us prior to purchase for pricing.

11. What’s your production time aka "How long does it take for you to ship my one-of-a-kind product?"
Production time varies by product but generally is approximately 15 business days from date of purchase. Please be sure to check each product listing.

12. Why does it take so long?
John takes his artistry seriously. Each of our products is handcrafted through a multi-level, labor intensive process by John’s two hands and his grit. That kind of thing doesn’t happen overnight. We appreciate your patience!

13. What if I need the product sooner than your standard production time?
We understand that in some cases it may have taken a while for you to find us and now you’re short on time. In those cases, we do have a Rush Order Option. If you would like and/or need your order filled in a shorter time frame than our standard lead time, please check your product listing for our Rush Order Fee and send us an email prior to purchase to see if we are able accommodate a rush order.

14. Can your products hang either vertically or horizontally?
Yes, all of our designs are able to be modified to fit your needs. Please just drop us an email with what you’re thinking, and we’ll go from there.

15. What options do I have for finishes, colors, etc.?
We have color swatches for everything we offer in the image gallery. Be sure to check it out! 

16. What’s your return policy?
Understandably, since our handcrafted products are made-to-order and custom –all sales are final. In the unfortunate event there is an issue with product damage during shipping, we will 100% take care of the issue. Thankfully, this is a rare occurrence because we take just as great care in the packaging of our products to ensure a safe arrival as we do in handcrafting it exclusively for you. But, things happen and you can rest assured we will make it right. For more info, please check out our Return Policy in full here.

17. How do I clean my one-of-a-kind product from The Farm Mechanic?
Glass and mirror: ammonia-free glass cleaner.
Plexiglass: a drop of dish soap with water and a microfiber cloth.
Wood: can be dusted with a Swifter duster (we don’t get any commission for recommending the Swifter Duster. It really just works the best).

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  • You yearn for the quality of yesteryear.
  • You believe that you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for function.
  • You’re an independent thinker.
  • You not only appreciate, but you prefer quality craftsmanship from a bygone era.
  • You don’t want what everyone else has. You want your decor to represent your personal style.
  • It makes you feel good to support products Made in the U.S.A.

We understand we’re not for everyone and that’s ok! We are so grateful you took time out of your day to check out our shop. Please know we are here if you change your mind.